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Mannatech prides itself in it’s products & is the only company that holds over 140 patents across the world for these amazing plant based products that feed the body & have maximum absorption.

These products are focused on improving your general wellbeing, immune support, fat loss, skincare, gut health & so much more.

These products are for everyone, from your children to an avid athlete. WE CAN HELP YOU. Choose products that are safe & contain natural ingredients so the body can digest this in the easiest & most natural way possible.

We are so confident that our products will transform your life, that we offer an unsurpassable 90-day satisfaction guarantee. That’s three whole months to test our products that are revolutionizing nutrition, immune support, fat loss, skincare & so much more.

We have loaded information on some of our core products on our website so you can have an idea of what these amazing products can do for you. To view the rest or order please follow the link & instructions below.

How to order:
1. Follow this link (this will take you to the Mannatech website) (copy & paste link into address bar)
2. Create a profile for yourself under this link.(please make sure it is under my code)
3. Please make 100% sure you have signed up under my agent code: 4303038
4. Browse products & add to cart. You can either get your order on subscription, which means this product will automatically be sent to you on the same date every month & your account will automatically be debited. By selecting this method you will accumulate loyalty points which you can use towards future purchases.
5. Checkout cart & follow payment instructions.
6. Please pop me an email of your order confirmation
7. If you unsure about anything please contact me on 0844 877 986

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